PROCLE wins state of Georgia contract

Bringing virtual care to the 21'st century

Turnkey Remote health Monitoring

Generate an additional $1.2M annual revenue per 1K RPM Patients

Extending healthcare beyond clinical settings

Think outside in-person care

Personalized engagement & education using AI

Stay connected throughout your patient health journey

One platform for all your innovative healthcare strategies

One platform for Virtual Care, RPM, RTM, Hub & Spoke, Hybrid Care , Mobile and Home Health

Our integrated approach towards  Holistic Patient Engagement

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Device agnostic remote monitoring, personalized patient education and comprehensive telehealth that is integrated with RPM

Why doctors and patients prefer PROCLE

Improves access, revenue $1.2M per 1K patients and reduces cost for providers while  reduces anxiety, saves time and money and improves convenience for patients.

Holistic Patient Engagement

Improve health outcomes by connecting easily, communicating smartly, and engaging effortlessly with your patients through-out the treatment.

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Turnkey Remote Health Monitoring - RPM & RTM

Ideal for Chronic Care and Senior Care. Improve health outcomes and increase annual revenue by approx. $1.2 Million per 1K RPM patients.

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RPM monitor Blood Pressure, Glucose, Weight, Pulse Oximetry, Heart Rate, Temperature, ECG  and RTM Monitoring
Comprehensive Virtual Care

21'st Century Virtual Care with
Telehealth ++

 Ideal for Hub & Spoke and Hybrid delivery models. Think beyond just video conferencing to take full advantage of virtual care benefits.

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Personalized Patient Education

Artificial Intelligence powered personalized and targeted health messages, suggestions and insight based upon health needs.

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Best in KLAS award
State wide contract from Georgia State for Telemedicine and RPM