Bringing Virtual care to the 21'st century. Think outside in-person care

Advanced Telehealth Platform

With huge explosion in the demand for Telehealth services, providers are now convinced that Telehealth not only improves health outcome and patient experience, but also helps in increasing revenue and reducing cost.

PROCLE HEALTHWORKS offers the providers with a highly secure, comprehensive and advanced Telehealth platform that is ideal for hub & spoke and Hybrid care delivery model.

PROCLE awarded state wide contract  from  Georgia State for telemedicine and RPM

Single platform for all your virtual care needs

Telehealth fully integrated with Remote Monitoring, Patient Education and Patient Engagement

PROCLE Telehealth platform with community network feature

Maximize your ROI on technology investment

Think beyond EMR. An ideal solution for Rural Health that works on low bandwidth (3G)

comprehensive communication and collaboration platform

Telehealth Reimbursement

With increasing popularity, the reimbursement policies are becoming more and more friendly. COVID has accelerated the virtual care delivery model.

Telehealth Reimbursement across states

Source: The National Telehealth Policy  Resource Center . Latest policy