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Current in-person Healthcare is disjoint & disengaged

Health systems  are not designed to engage with patients outside their clinical settings where they spend  majority (99.75% ) of their life time.

Digital health is key to bring down the silos of care

The holistic Patient Engagement Platform

More than just Telemedicine

We help you implement a holistic Patient Care model with our well curated & fully integrated digital health platform.

Improve health outcomes without increasing practice workload

Best in Class Technology

Effective Communication
Audio, Video, Text, Chat, Images
Screen Share / LIVE relay
HIPAA Compliance

Comprehensive Colaboration
Personal, private Grop, broadcast
Guest Call
Waiting Room
Community Network

Mobile Friendly (IOS & Android)
Works on low bandwidth (3G & up)
Easily integrates with your workflow & EMR
Integrated RPM & RTM
Onboarding tools


Onboarding in minutes
24x7 Local Support
Integrated RPM & Telemedicine workflow
KPI Measurement & reporting

Provider Partner

Access to local Georgia provider partner network to help address any surge.


Customer Success Management
Project Managers
Support & Training


Digital health compatible FDA approved  Telehealth, RPM and RTM  Devices

Ideal mobile friendly lite platform for rural health that works on low bandwidth.

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