Stay connected & engaged with your patients THROUGHOUT (Before, During and After)
the treatment to improve the overall outcome.

PROCLE HEALTHWORKS, a well-curated and fully integrated digital health platform is specially designed for holistic patient engagement. It can significantly improve health outcomes and reduce  practice burden.

EMRs are not designed for engagement.

Current healthcare model is reactive and broken

Extend healthcare outside clinical settings

60% of American adults have at least 1 chronic condition that needs support & engagement outside the clinical setting

Connect and Engage with your patients through out the journey

Stay connected throughout using PROCLE

PROCLE makes it effortless to stay connected with your patients in each step of their health journey.


PROCLE HEALTHWORKS is a highly secure and comprehensive engagement platform that has all the tools required to help bridge the care gap and build a strong bond between providers and patients. Check out what our award winning technology can do for you.

PROCLE helps to improve outcomes and loyalty
Mobile first design approach from PROCLE to improve user experience


With focus on user experience and a mobile-first design approach, PROCLE HEALTHWORKS offers a simple, easy, and cost-effective way for providers to connect, engage, and build professional relationships with their patients